The Shoreditch Pub Crawl is an alternative pub crawl for locals, students or visitors who want to go beyond the standard tourist trails and discover the very best nightlife in Shoreditch.



Join us Friday & Saturday, 7:30-8:30PM. (Bring physical, valid ID).

Shoreditch Balls

Shoreditch Balls, 333 Old Street, EC1V 9LE


Shoreditch offers a unique mix of rich history, fashionable living and urban grit. Originally a centre for the textile and furniture industries, it's now a magnet for students, hipsters and creatives who enjoy modern culture in a historic setting. And it's justly famous for its nightlife, with dozens of comfy pubs, lively pubs and pulsating clubs just waiting to be discovered – ideally, all in one night.

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We at The Shoreditch Pub Crawl are determined to give everybody an unforgettable night out around electric, east London, and explore some of the amazing venues that have turned this once industrial, edgy area into the vibrant, artistic, and energetic culture spot it is today. Shoreditch now holds a wealth of traditional boozers, vibey pubs and swanky bars, all escalating to a few fantastic clubs and late-night rave spots – in short, everything you could want to cover you for a night out.


Whilst we can’t quite get to all of them, you will get a great feel for the area exploring some of the best venues around, all whilst saving a huge amount of money on a London night out – which if you’re not careful, can break the bank! We are always on the lookout for the newest bars and best parties starting up in the area, and do our best to vary each night so you can experience something different.


Our insatiable Hosts are always hyped foe the night out and a chance to gather such an amazing group of party people to explore the night with. They will guide you safely to all the venues and help you mixing with the group, so that by the end you are one big family. Discovering east London is a must do if you are visiting, to get a different view of eclectic London, and especially if you prefer the more hipster-trodden paths and quirky venues.


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Shoreditch Pub Crawl

Shoreditch Pub Crawl